Good chanse to show what you can do with Numato

In site there is contest (with good prices), about “Home Technology Contest“.


1 Channel USB Powered Relay Module

It is here:

I can use this module, similarly as this one:32 Channel USB GPIO Module (which I not win). Of corse in very light version.

Recently I plan to listen lecture, where it is presented how write Linux driver, to controll such module.


32 Channel USB GPIO Module

It is here:

Recently I decide to apply for Numato freebie, only if plan to use for something.

When I make som electronics there is 3 parts:

-1-> Controll. For example something like Arduino One.

-2-> Buffer. Here it is: Relays, motors controllers and other.

-3-> Sensors, motors, and other active components.

USB GPIO Module” is good thing. It can be used in -1- part. I lpan to combine it with some OLinuXino computer board. While it is not good in final product, it is very convenient in stage of development of product.